Where Would I Go in the United States?

Where would I go in the United States? That is the question many international students asked themselves after their first year studying abroad. The U.S. is indeed a state of 50 states with Alaska leading the way, a vast stretch of North America stretching from the west through the Midwest to the east. Major Atlantic Coast metropolises are New York, a cultural and international finance center, and major urban centres, Washington, DC.

Midwestern cities like Chicago are well known for their unique architecture and Hollywood on the west coast is famous for its filmmaking. Where would I go in the United States? I could choose between New York or California. Both have been my choice over the years, though my family has always preferred the greener pastures of New York. The Statue of Liberty is the most popular tourist attraction and although it was taken down in World War II, it can still be seen in all its glorious former glory. Los Angeles, Hollywood and the California beaches are second to none when it comes to American fun and the Golden State is the envy of the rest of the country.

The best part about life in America is freedom. A trip abroad gives you that feeling of going where you want to go without the need for an excessive amount of paperwork and visa applications to do so. A place could visit in the United States is really as close as your computer. You could visit the Statue of Liberty, the Air and Space Museum or the Discovery Channel exhibit in Washington, DC, and feel right at home.